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Wholesale Clothing in Australia to Stock At Your Store

Vast, dry and barren, the Australian outback is a tough place to work and live in. And it's no wonder why people here prioritise protection and comfort, choosing work clothing and accessories like breathable worktops, durable bottoms and overalls, UPF 50+ rating hats, water-resistant bags, boot guards, and the list goes on. To cater to this demand, Kakadu Traders Australia offers wholesale clothing for retailers to stock their stores with high-quality workwear and outdoor essentials.

Set New Fashion Trends With Our Wholesale Collection

As a leading provider of quality outwear and hats in Australia, our wholesale clothing range offers stylish and trendy options for those looking to make a statement with their fashion choices. Here's what our wholesale collection includes: 

Hats: Our range of hats features a UPF 50+ rating, water-resistant technology and is made from high-quality leather. From traditional Aussie hats like Russ Shapeable Leather Hat to stylish Baron Canvas Aviator Cap, our wholesale hats offer complete protection to your customers from the harsh Australian sun.

Shirts: Our shirts are made with lightweight, breathable materials like 5 oz Linen fabric and brushed flannel fabric, perfect for working in the heat or exploring the great outdoors. From Hamilton Shirt to Colac Shirt, our wholesale shirts offer various styles and colours to suit any taste.

Coats: Our wholesale coats and jackets collection is a must-have for any retailer. With options like the Workhorse Drover Jacket made from oilskin material and the stylish Workhorse Drover Coat, we offer something for everyone. Our jackets and coats are perfect for keeping your customers warm and dry in any weather conditions.

Pants: Our pants are designed with the worker and adventurer in mind for the utmost comfort and durability. Made from our heavyweight Australian Oilskin and Ironclad canvas, they are built to withstand tough environments. Whether it's our rugged Derby Cargo pants or Ventilator Chaps, your customers will be sure to appreciate the quality and functionality of our wholesale pants.

Why We Are the Go-To Choice for Every Retailer?

We are a one-stop shop for all your wholesale clothing needs! Browse our collection today to see why we are the preferred choice for many retailers. For more details contact us now.
Size Guide



On average, women should order one size smaller for unisex sized garments (if you size to a 3XL in women's, order a XXL for unisex).


For women's clothing, order as sized below. 


Kakadu hats - or Mates as we often call them - come in all shapes and sizes so you're sure to find a Mate that suits you.   

But first things first, lets determine your correct size. Remember you want comfortably firm

Kakadu hats - how to measure your head