Desert Rose in the tropics

by Elsa Lynch August 31, 2014

Winter in Australia is a little different to that in the Northern hemisphere, we get a few days when the temperature drops to minus zero and we think the world has frozen over.

It was one such week not long back when I decided I just needed a good hit of sunshine, even if it was only for 2 or 3 days.

Now my son and daughter are responsible for our on-line graphics and seeing any opportunity to hit the beach decided instantly that "we needed a photo shoot there".

The product selection was a no brainer, i just needed cargo shorts to dump all my stuff in, and a throw over shirt that didn't need ironing that i could wear on the beach or out for dinner. Easy again, because we build our gear for low maintenance for people just like myself.

I like blue personally, and it has to be natural fibers, cotton/linen blend in this case just for the comfort factor. Now  at my size I thought that i wouldn't be seen dead in desert rose (which is really pink) but my son insisted that we needed product shots in the bloody pink, so pink it was. 

 As it turned out I have to say that the colour, desert rose, grew on me and I have to take back all that I have said about the guys who wear pink.

As you can see we had a great trip, crystal clear water and white sand. I know I had the right gear, not sure why my son was wearing his sports coat to the beach though, I think he gets it from his mother!.






Elsa Lynch
Elsa Lynch


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