Insight to what a seasoned fly fisherman carries

by Brett Parry February 24, 2014

I am not a fisherman myself but I am involved in the development of a number of our products and so when I was given the task of ensuring that our fishing vest met the needs of those who love fishing i turned to our resident expert Roger, our Warehouse Manager at our Vancouver, Washington distribution office in the USA. He has let me into his private world to share his accessory choices and how they work with our vest. Excited? I know I was. Here's the list, including some of the questions that came to mind along the way:

Roger begins, "Hiking and fishing in the High Sierra's one must be able to adapt to changing weather, personal and stream conditions. This means carrying a lot of different items because camp maybe miles away."

Back of vest:

  • top center loop: provides a place to hang your net until needed. Easy to reach: quick release with a magnetic catch and quick return to same spot. Centered in the back prevents snagging on branches and bushes.
  • Lower storage pocket zippered: storage for gloves and a poncho.

Front of vest/right side:

  • D-ring: forceps for removal of hooks
  • Single top pocket holding a jar of salmon eggs (Only good for bait, as it takes a lot to make an omelet)
  • Two pockets: holding two jars of bait (yeah, it's going to be a long day, hope you brought beer)
  • Large zippered pocket: box of lures,hooks and spare parts (Do you mean headlight globes, fan belts, alternators etc?)
  • Lower large pocket: misc. items, water bobbers, scissors, stringer, matches and walk-talkie (10-4 good buddy)
  • Loop - hooks the safety cord for the net
  • Front zippered closed and snapped
  • Hand pocket (You can fish one handed?)

Front left side:

  • Loop: used for clipping license to (Is it true your licensed to kill?)
  • 2 pockets: each holds a small container of weights or split shot
  • Side entered pocket: spool of leader for flying (You can fish while your flying?)
  • Zippered pocket: leather holder containing fly's
  • Nail clipper for trimming line (Should you do your nails before you go fishing then?)
  • 2 large pockets: needle nose pliers, knife, snacks, Kleenex. (Bless you)
  • Hand pocket 

Be sure to send us your suggestions. Email me at

Brett Parry
Brett Parry


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