Not Just An Accessory: Why You Should Wear Chaps

by Silva Digital February 07, 2021

Although a good number of us can learn how to ride a bicycle or drive a car, learning how to ride a horse is something that’s only part of most people’s bucket list. Nothing beats the thrill of feeling the breeze brushing your face as you ride off into the sunset atop a valiant creature.

Riding a horse is something Australian farm owners and country dwellers are fortunate enough to experience. Some might even say it has the same level of exhilaration as riding a speeding motorcycle across the Australian countryside.

While the entire experience is the best part, any rider should be wise enough to know how to protect one’s self and how to be comfortable when riding. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing the right chaps.

So, what are chaps and is it really essential to get this outback clothing?

What are Chaps?

The word “chaps” is the generic term used to refer to the piece of leather a cowboy or cowgirl wears over his or her jeans. Although they may not be as common today as they were back then, you most likely have seen one worn if you spend most of your time in ranches and near the countryside. These days, you might also see motorcycle-loving folks wearing a simpler version of this historical piece of clothing.

Worn over pants, chaps are leg coverings that consist of a sturdy material held together by a belt. Unlike other trousers, they have no seat and have no covering in the crotch area.

The chaps we see today have gone through many changes since the design was first originated in the early 1500s. It’s not local to Australia, but if you wear this Australian outdoor gear, you won’t be the only one donning it since it’s rather common in the country.

How can Chaps help you?

Basically, chaps are worn as an additional layer of protection from when things don't go according to plan and you end up falling off from your horse. You can save yourself from possible abrasions and scratches by wearing this extra pair of leg protection.

With the kind of protection chaps provide, they are also often used in the cattle pen, worn by men and women who wrestle calves. Since denim jeans aren't as tough as leather, chaps can provide an extra buffer from kicking bovines.

Lastly, chaps can also offer some warmth on especially cold nights. The benefits of chaps are reason enough why many purchase ranch style clothing Australia.

Protection from pinching

Wearing riding chaps prevents the stirrup straps from pinching your lower leg.

Protection from the weather

Wearing chaps for riding or even yard work protects you from the cold, wind, and wet, so you can stay longer outdoor comfortably.

Protection when hacking

Spending time out hacking with your horse can result in your leg getting scratched by brambles, thorns, and the like, or even getting your leg bumped against a tree or post. Chaps can help prevent scrapes caused by these.

Keeping you Clean

It could be challenging to stay clean when around horses and chaps can significantly help with that.

Where to get Chaps?

Now that you know how truly important chaps are in the outback, you probably want to get your hands (or legs!) on them right away.

If you’re specifically looking for chaps, Kakadu Traders Australia has the Ventilator Chaps that you can get in either brown or black, which offers a wide variety of body types as you can get the chaps from size XS to 3XL. If you are not sure about your size, there is a size chart that can guide you.

Our Ventilator Chaps have a padded back strap and are elasticised on the side. Each pair of haps also comes with a thick belt to ensure it stays secure while you ride or you work. There’s also a secure pocket so you can take anything with you and you can guarantee it won’t fall while you’re wrestling calves. You may also find that the chaps are longer than usual. They are designed this way so you have the freedom to trim them to your preferred length.

Bonus tip: On days you don’t want to wear full chaps, you can go for our Workhouse Pants instead for that reliable durability and comfort.

Get the best chaps for your active stockman lifestyle, visit our online shop.

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