7H16 Grey, STROLLER SOAKA $34.99
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5S06 Mustard, TOORAK $69.99
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8MP03 Sage, RAMSY $82.00
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5L2819 Black, BACK PACK Sold Out - $139.99 $144.99
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8MS15 Sage,         JACK
8MS15 Sage, JACK $64.99
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8MS14 Taupe, KINGSLAND $59.99
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7H16 Sand, STROLLER SOAKA $34.99
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Heading for the Tropics

August 27, 2014

If you are about to head out for some well earned R&R and you want to keep it light, then it's hard to go past our cotton/linen shirt, light, cool and comfortable and they always look cool. The true advantage of our cargo shorts isn't just the big bellow pockets, but the addition of a security pocket  with the zip closure, it's a great lock-down for your wallet and passport. My favorite pocket being the small outside phone pocket that is also great for coins, keys and bus, train or the one I always misplace, my metro ticket, i always know where to find them. The finishing touches come with the Soaker hat, ultra light with a good wide brim,...

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A little bit of history about the shirt you could be wearing

March 01, 2014

 Did you know that the original use for "shirts" was for undergarments. During the middle ages it was considered taboo to allow your shirt to show outside of your regular get up. Then around the seventeenth century it seems some brave fella decided that he'd show off a bit, and the rest is history. Now this brings us to a related subject, that being the completely necessary exposure from super heroes that insist on wearing their undies outside their crime fighting suits. Let's be real here. It's time to give it up. It's not catching on. Decades of comic books, TV series and big budget films have failed to convince us to follow your lead. You dignity is starting to...

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Insight to what a seasoned fly fisherman carries

February 24, 2014

I am not a fisherman myself but I am involved in the development of a number of our products and so when I was given the task of ensuring that our fishing vest met the needs of those who love fishing i turned to our resident expert Roger, our Warehouse Manager at our Vancouver, Washington distribution office in the USA. He has let me into his private world to share his accessory choices and how they work with our vest. Excited? I know I was. Here's the list, including some of the questions that came to mind along the way: Roger begins, "Hiking and fishing in the High Sierra's one must be able to adapt to changing weather, personal and...

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Lil' Dune Buggy - Behind the scenes fun at a Kakadu photo shoot

August 22, 2013

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